The Advocate module offers a suite of digital multi-player games and digital literacy learning content that teach people of all ages how to critique and create civic media. Each game incorporates content that encourages participants to engage with culturally and politically while focusing on a specific 21st century digital modality: Hashtags and Memes. Through interactive play, learners engage in the act of creating, making and reflecting through connecting the set of digital games to real-world skill-sets and pressing cultural issues.

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Meme Machine!
Meme Machine! is a meme generation voting game that gives participants a topic, asks them to make a meme about that topic, and then vote on which participant’s meme best describes the revealed description.
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[#] You're It
Hashtag You're It is a social media based bluffing game where participants read real social media posts with hidden hashtags, submit their own hashtag to fool other participants, and then attempt to select the real hashtag themselves without being fooled by others.