The Deliberate module encourages participants to actively use debate and mediation skills to achieve common goals. @Stake relies on rapid-fire ideation, discussions facilitated through role-playing, experimentation with ideas, and collaboration among a diversity of stakeholders. Participants take on the role of stakeholders with a private agenda on a public issue. Participants take turns proposing solutions to issues, and arguing their points of view to the table’s Decider. The participant with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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Deciders and Deliberators
@Stake: Deciders and Deliberators empowers participants to role play in a civic issue scenario where they advocate for different viewpoints and make hard decisions about what is best for the community.
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Persona Expansion
The @Stake persona expansion activity invites players to expand on the backstories of players within the @Stake game environment.
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New Persona Development
This activity invites @Stake players to create new personas for gameplay. These personas may be based on specific people or needs demonstrated in communities.